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Access control

Role concept

  • User: Login with user name and password
  • Group: Users can belong to one or multiple groups
  • Role: User and/or groups have roles.
  • Permissions: Permissions for certain resources (e.g. topics, WMS services) are assigned to roles

Special users and roles: A special user named admin with all permissions is added automatically. For each site a role with the same name is defining the permissions for a public user not logged in.


  • This role has the following permissions
  • User lieni is member of group forest_editors
  • This group has role forest_edit


Layer +show ForestMap/*
Tool +show ForestMap/EditTool
Topic +edit ForestMap
Layer +edit ForestMap/Forest

Self organized groups

Signup workflow:

  1. User receives invitation mail with signup link
  2. Sign up of users
  3. Group administrator receives a mail with direct link for activating users

Administration page with links to all topics with self-administration:

Signup link example for a user:


  • Create roles. E.g. exampleedit, exampleview and exampleadmin
  • Assign one ore more users the exampleadmin role
  • Create groups. E.g. examplegroupedit and examplegroupview
  • Assign roles to groups: examplegroupedit -> exampleedit, examplegroupview -> exampleview
  • Assign permissions to the roles. E.g. exampleedit is allowed to edit a the example topic
  • Set permission for action edit of resource type Group for admin role. E.g. role exampleadmin for group examplegroupedit und examplegroupview

Optional: Extend registration forms with group specific fields:

  • Add a partial _app_infos.html.erb with specific fields in directory app/views/registrations/GROUPNAME
  • Add a group specific mail text in _app/views/groups_users/mails/_GROUPNAME.html.erb

Send signup URL for groups to invited users.

If you add users manually to groups, don’t forget to mark the membership granted flag.