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Custom searches

Custom search models

app/models/xxx.rb: Search model class inheriting SearchModel

Example (app/models/country.rb):

class Country < SearchModel
  self.table_name = 'countries'
  self.primary_key = 'geodb_oid'

  def self.query(fields, params)
    countries =
    countries = countries.where('name ILIKE ?', "#{params[:name]}")
    {:features => countries, :quality => 0}

Search API

Custom search rules are configured in config/initializers/search_rules.rb.

An entry consists of a name identifying the search and a SearchRule constructor.

Sample entry:

'country' => Country,
    %w(ogc_fid name pop_est Box2d(wkb_geometry))

After restart a search query like

returns the following JSON response:

{"success":true,"features":[{"ogc_fid":40,"name":"Switzerland","pop_est":"7604467.0","box2d":"BOX(5.95480920400016 45.820718486,10.4666268310001 47.8011660770001)"}],"quality":0}