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Legends and query results

Template files

When importing a new layer running the rake task, default legend and query templates are generated and put into app/views/topics/custom/auto/ and app/views/layers/custom/<topicname>/auto/. Images for the legend are stored in public/images/custom/<topicname>/<layername><xx>.png.

If you import a topic called naturalearth with one layer countries for example the following files are created:

  • app/views/layers/custom/naturalearth/auto/_countries_legend.html.erb: Legend partial
  • app/views/layers/custom/naturalearth/auto/_countries_info.html.erb: Info query result partial
  • app/views/topics/custom/auto/_naturalearth_legend.html.erb: Legend template for topic
  • app/views/topics/custom/_naturalearth_info.html.erb: Info query header for topic


The generated templates are using the ERB templating language. ERB copies the text portions of the template directly to the generated document, and only processes code that is identified by markers. Most ERB templates only use a combination of two tag markers, each of which cause the enclosed code to be handled in a particular way.

A tag with an equals sign indicates that enclosed code is an expression, and that the renderer should substitute the code element with the result of the code (as a string) when it renders the template. Use an expression to embed a line of code into the template, or to display the contents of a variable:

Hello, <%= @name %>.
Today is <%='%A') %>.

Comment markers use a hash sign:

<%# This is just a comment %>

(Excerpt form


For customizing these files, you can put templates with the same file name in app/views/topics/custom/ resp. app/views/layers/custom/<layername>/. You should not edit the generated files, because these will be overwritten when running the rake task again.

Templates used by rake task: - tasks/templates/_infotable_auto.html.erb - tasks/templates/_infotable_horizontal.html.erb - tasks/templates/_infotable_vertical.html.erb - tasks/templates/themekl-default.gif